Thank you for the feedback so far

Thanks to those of you who have tried out the preview draft version of the How the Economy Works Visual Tutorial and submitted feedback!

Twelve people have answered the three-question mini-survey at the end. Everyone who answered considered the tool to be helpful (or already knew the material) and thought it was on track to be something worth recommending to others. And if you have a more negative impression I hope you will share your comments too, even if anonymously, in the spirit of improvement!

The third survey question asked what needed the most work, with the following choices (up to three votes per person):

  • Visuals (prettier diagrams, colors, etc)
  • Animations & interactive content
  • Voice narration
  • Quality of current text/audio content
  • Depth of text/audio content (more advanced details)
  • Breadth of text/audio content (more topics)
  • Other

Nobody checked the box for “quality of current text/audio content”, but otherwise the votes were distributed almost evenly across the choices — there were either two or three votes for each item!

It seems that no one aspect of the tutorial so far is significantly behind the others, so I’ll keep working away on improving it across the board (my “to do” list has been growing faster than I can implement it, even before I asked for feedback 🙂 ). I’ll announce major updates or batches of updates to this blog, but make the incremental changes in silence.

Please feel free to offer additional feedback via the comments section of this blog, or via the feedback form and survey embedded in the tutorial if you prefer. I am also planning to attach comment threads to each page in the tutorial, but that’s not ready yet.