New Tutorial: Why Central Banks Don’t Control the Money Supply…

I’ve decided to share an incomplete copy of the most recent tutorial I’ve been working on:

Why Central Banks Don’t Control the Money Supply: A Visual Tour of the Macroeconomic Dynamics of Bank Loans, Reserve Requirements, Capital Requirements, and Cash Withdrawals

Please note: in case you haven’t seen it, the tutorial How Loans Create Money is a prerequisite.

The new tutorial has three parts, but only one is fleshed out. The first part — on reserve requirements and their implications — is mostly in place as a first draft. The middle part — on capital requirements — is visible only as a rough text outline of the likely content (for those who are curious). The third part — on cash withdrawals — is just a blank placeholder page.

I’ve posted the tutorial now because I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to make significant progress on it, and also because covering this topic has been more difficult than I expected. What I’ve shared now (about eight minutes of audio/visual content) barely scratches the surface of the topic of money, banking, central banks, etc, and may do more to raise questions than provide answers. (There are some links to outside reading listed on the last page for the adventurous — though they will be nothing new to those already versed on these topics).

What was your experience of the draft tutorial, "Why Central Banks Don't Control the Money Supply"?

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Other feedback is of course welcome also.