Progress Update and Next Steps

I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on these visualizations in the last month+, but that only means the gap between what I’ve created and what I STRIVE to create keeps growing bigger! (i.e., I keep thinking of new things). Unfortunately actual implementation of these things proceeds one step at a time. But, I hope to be able to show a bit more progress within the next month. Some of my next priorities include:

  • Improvements in user interface and layout for the “how the economy works” tutorial
  • Better integration of the visual animations with the tutorial’s step-by-step explanatory dialog
  • More progress on an as yet unpublished circular flow simulator that lets you control the economy’s leakages and injections and watch what happens
  • Rethinking the “how the economy works” tutorial. My initial goal had been to use visuals and audio to give a “crash course” intro to macroeconomics (the enlightened MMT perspective) in ten minutes of content or less. Unfortunately the current tutorial contains twenty minutes of audio alone, even without the optional text content. So I will probably try to carve out a shorter and simpler intro tutorial and begin work on a series of more detailed subject-specific tutorials that will be separate. Please feel free to comment if you have feedback on this.
  • Finding a way to make the “how the economy works” intro tutorial more interesting and curiosity-inspiring to newcomers.
  • Integrating a comment system with the visualizations and tutorials to allow visitor feedback and discussion.