Update on Current Tutorial Initiatives

I’ve been taking a break from working on the How the Economy Works tutorial. Thank you to those who shared it with others! However, I’m still having trouble (as far as I can tell) getting it in front of people for whom this content is not already at least somewhat familiar.

To try some new directions, a few weeks ago I started on a much shorter interactive tutorial, “How Loans Create Money“, incorporating balance sheets more centrally into the page-by-page narrated tutorial format in a way that I hope is accessible to more people than those who benefit from the Macroeconomic Balance Sheet Visualizer. Since then, this has become a hot topic in the econoblogosphere, with debates between Paul Krugman, Steve Keen, Scott Fullwiler, and others! It’s very foundational stuff.

Tentative near term plans in rough order of priority:

  1. Finish publishable draft of How Loans Create Money tutorial.
  2. Finish publishable draft of Macroeconomic Circular Flow Visualizer — it’s a bit like the Macroeconomic Balance Sheet Visualizer, but lets you control leakages and injections and view changing flow volumes, deficits & surpluses, etc.
  3. Attempt to bring the How the Economy Works tutorial to a higher professional standard of visual and audio quality to help with potential appeal to newcomers.
  4. After that, there are numerous possibilities for additional tutorial content (and it will get easier as the underlying content engine evolves)… Feel free to make content requests!