Poll: Which Tutorial Would You Find Most Helpful?

I have been working on Part 2 of How Loans Create Money, called Why Central Banks Don’t Control the Money Supply: A Visual Tour of the Macroeconomic Dynamics of Bank Loans, Reserve Requirements, Capital Requirements, and Cash Withdrawals.

It would be easy to put on hold, so I’m interested in opinions on which potential tutorials would be most helpful. Which topics are most challenging to learn via text-only MMT blogs, making them good candidates for the EconViz narrated visual format? Or, which topics would most help people who don’t read MMT blogs? Or, what would you personally most like to see, for whatever reason?

Here is a quick poll with some of my top choices:

Which EconViz Tutorial Topic Would You Most Like To See?

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There is a longer list of potential topics in the yellow box near the bottom of the EconViz Home Page. If any of those (or something not on the list) catch your interest more, feel free to respond in comments. Comments are also welcome on the topics listed above, of course.

Besides creating additional tutorials, I may eventually: (1) add functionality to the Macroeconomic Circular Flow Visualizer (see list here), and (2) find a graphic designer to help make the overall site more professional looking. Think one of those two should top the list? Please let me know (via comments or email to ). Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Poll: Which Tutorial Would You Find Most Helpful?

  1. I flopped back and forth between How MMT is different from mainstream and Prices and Inflation. The former would be a great overview for folks new to MMT, however Prices and Inflation are the main sticking points of detractors. Most people will readily cede the notion that government can “create” as much money as it want, but get stuck on the “print money creates inflation” fallacy.

    • Thanks for sharing your reasoning, and good point on inflation fears being a major sticking point to overcome. – hbl

  2. A Path to Economic Prosperity Tailored to YOUR Political PreferenceI’d like this one because people think that deficit spending is left and austerity is right. They think there is free market.

    • Yep, there are stereotypes out there that are not entirely accurate. One of the things I like about the MMT perspective (and that I’m not sure is always clear to people at first) is how compatible it is with large or small government as well as a wide variety of policy choices. – hbl

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