Improvements to the “How the Economy Works” Tutorial

I’ve published an updated copy of the “How the Economy Works” basic tutorial that incorporates some of the changes mentioned in my last post.

  • Improvements to user interface layout and controls (with more still needed).
  • Redesigned and re-written introductory page and making the choice for audio more prominent.
  • Updated content for pages 2-8. Revisions are still needed on page 9 onwards, with some topics likely to be split into separate tutorial(s).
  • Initial integration of animations with the step-by-step narration flow.

If you’re already gone through the first version, it’s probably not worth your time to try it again yet… but if you do, please feel free to comment here on what you think are the best next priorities.

The current plan includes:

  • Finish re-working the existing content (especially pages 9 onwards).
  • Add optional interactive exercises at the end of each page to help reinforce the concepts.
  • Expand the optional details (graphs, links to more info, etc)

Once the content is a bit further along it will become more important to find volunteers without prior exposure to these ideas and get feedback on what is working well and what isn’t. Once the introductory tutorial is solid enough to stand alone, I hope to begin to branch out more into a series of new tutorials covering other macroeconomic topics in more detail.