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This visualizer does not yet show how sectors dynamically react to changes in flows by altering other flows!

For example, if GDP falls then other changes may occur that are NOT currently triggered in the visualizer:

  • Government spending typically rises (due to additional safety net payments).
  • Business investment typically falls (lower forecasted demand requires less capacity).
  • The savings rate often rises (if households save more as a precaution, or pay down debt faster).
  • Taxes may fall faster than a flat leakage % would predict (due to marginal tax bracket effects, etc).

Example: reducing government spending might not reduce the deficit, despite current appearances in this visualizer.

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Flow Animations Unfinished:

The flow animations currently only illustrate the macroeconomic circular flow concept in a general way. Limitations:

1. The magnitudes of the animated flows do not yet correspond to the magnitudes of the leakages and injections as controlled in the sidebar.

2. The inject once demo doesn't work properly yet, but it does let you see roughly how the core flow diminishes over time (lost to the leakages) when there are no ongoing injections.

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Tip: Concepts

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Macroeconomic Circular Flow Visualizer (BETA)

Macroeconomic Circular Flow Visualizer — Try the Interactive Controls (BETA)

For a step-by-step introduction, visit How the Economy Works — A Visual Tutorial

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